Luxury Green Light Escorts

Terms and Conditions

General Policy

At Luxury Green Light Escorts, our rates are strictly for time and companionship. They do not include any illegal or immoral activities. Any intimate conduct is solely the result of mutual consent between two consenting adults and is conducted privately.

Liability Disclaimer

Luxury Green Light Escorts holds no responsibility for the actions of the following parties:

  1. Visitors to this website who engage an escort via phone.
  2. Escorts who approach Luxury Green Light Escorts or advertising agents to promote their services.

Luxury Green Light Escorts operates solely as an advertising and facilitating agency, striving to connect individuals. We charge a booking fee for facilitating arrangements between the involved parties. These parties include:

  1. Individuals contacting us to schedule a date or appointment with an escort advertised on the Luxury Green Light Escorts website.
  2. Escorts who enlist our services to promote themselves online or use Luxury Green Light Escorts as a virtual reception service to ensure successful engagements.

As such, we cannot be held liable for the actions of the involved parties or for any circumstances arising during or after the date, appointment, or booking. Each party is responsible for their own actions, and the Luxury Green Light Escorts Agency cannot be held accountable.

Booking Fee

We take a £40 fee for the booking as part of the administrative process, which will be deducted from the hourly rate displayed on the escort’s profile. This booking fee is charged to the escort for advertising them on our website. All escorts are independent and it is up to them to decide whether to proceed with a booking or not. The booking fee is non-refundable and will not appear on your bank statement as being associated with an escort agency. We ensure a discreet service.

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